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        1. J-Rock Artist nano Releases Free Karaoke Track For Fans Stay Home Global Music Project 'Freedom Is Yours 2020'

          TOKYO, JAPAN - MAY 01, 2020

          Bilingual J-Rock artist nano, originally from New York, released a cover song video project entitled “Freedom Is Yours 2020” on April 26th after collecting video submissions from over 500 fans worldwide who filmed themselves singing along to nano's track “Freedom Is Yours.” In order to bring a bit of musical energy to the stay-at-home situation people around the world are enduring due to COVID-19, nano and her team released the karaoke backing track to this fan collaboration on May
          “I am so grateful and moved beyond words, at how vast this project has grown with help from friends and fans around the world. It was a painful proof of how many people COVID-19 is affecting worldwide.

          Celebrating the release of the track, nano commented,

          “However, it also proved that people have the strength to come together, in times of need.

          “I knew that this genuine passion and hope, when brought together through music, would become someone else's strength, which is the reason I started this project.

          “This project is not the ultimate goal. I believe that this power can evolve and grow much stronger, so I am sharing the instrumental version of the song online. Please use it freely and creatively and help spread the power of music far and beyond. May it give light to everyone who needs it.

          All my thanks and love to you.”

          Artists across Japan have seen their live tours and track releases delayed or canceled due to the novel coronavirus, including nano: While nano's first best-hits compilation album, entitled “I” was able to be released on March 28th, the scheduled concert tour to promote the new album was canceled due to the effects of the current pandemic. Although the world continues to shelter at home, nano decided to create a video together with their fans to deliver a message of hope.

          This video, entitled “【Global Music Project】“Freedom Is Yours 2020” for COVID19【#Project_FIY】” aimed to bring together fans from around the world, creating a truly global project.

          The video features individual fans from all corners of the Earth singing nano's original track “Freedom Is Yours” together with nano.

          The fan videos, voice recordings, and graphics submissions were collected worldwide over a period of 10 days from April 9th, and arranged and edited by musicians and sound engineers who nano has worked with in the past, resulting in a truly collaborative project.

          The final product serves as nano's song of support for all those around the world who are helping to fight COVID-19 by staying home and protecting themselves and others from infection.

          nano hopes that music fans worldwide will enjoy their time indoors just a bit more together with this new musical work.

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