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        1. News
          Aniplex Releases English Demos for Adabana Odd Tales, Atri Games

          posted on by Adriana Hazra
          ATRI -My Dear Moments-, Adabana Odd Tales demos available for download on Steam

          Aniplex.exe announced demos for its games, ATRI -My Dear Moments- and Adabana Odd Tales, on Friday. The demos are now available for download on Steam. Both visual novels are set to release on June 20. The games are the first games the novel game brand, Aniplex.exe, is releasing.

          Aniplex.exe will release ATRI: My Dear Moments in English, Japanese, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese. The game will feature a scenario and planning by Asuta Konno (Frontwing). Frontwing and Makura are developing the game. Yusano and Moto4 are the original character designers and art designers, SCA-ji is the art director, and Fuminori Matsumoto is composing the music. Hikaru Akao stars in the game as Atri.

          Other cast members include:

          Aniplex.exe describes the game:

          Ikaruga Natsuki, a boy who lost his mother and his leg in an accident some years earlier, returns disillusioned from a harsh life in the big city to find his old countryside home half-swallowed by the sea.
          Left without a family, all he has to his name is the ship and submarine left to him by his oceanologist grandmother, and her debts.
          His only hope to restore the dreams for the future that he has lost is to take up an opportunity presented to him by the suspicious debt collector Catherine. They set sail to search the sunken ruins of his grandmother's laboratory in order to find a treasure rumor says she left there.
          But what they find is not riches or jewels: it is a strange girl lying asleep in a coffin at the bottom of the sea. Atri.
          Atri is a robot, but her appearance and her wealth of emotions would fool anyone into thinking she's a living, breathing human being. In gratitude for being salvaged, she makes a declaration to Natsuki.
          "I want to fulfill my master's final order. Until I do, I'll be your leg!
          In a little town slowly being enveloped by the ocean, an unforgettable summer is about to begin for this boy and this mysterious robot girl...

          Aniplex.exe will release Adabana Odd Tales in Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese. Liar-soft is developing the game. Nozomu Umihara is in charge of planning and the scenario, Ryūko ōishi is the character and art designer, and Momoko Sapporo and Shinichirō Matsumoto are composing the music. The game stars Wataru Katō as Kurofude, and Saki Minami as Shirohime.

          Other cast members include:

          Aniplex.exe describes the game's story:

          A girl finds herself in a dark and unfamiliar forest when a monster appears out of nowhere and attacks. A mysterious boy, wielding a brush as if it were a sword, appears just in time to cut down the monster.
          He calls himself Kurofude, and he addresses the girl in a familiar tone as Shirohime. Yet she does not recognize him or the name he calls her. She has lost all of her memories.
          According to Kurofude, they are in the land of Adabana, a realm of illustrated books. Their tales are like dreams; no matter how deeply one immerses oneself in them, once one wakes up, they are gone. Thus the name Adabana—a name given to flowers that will never bear fruit. Their duty is to travel through story realms and look for signs of distortions in the tales.
          Shirohime, a girl with seemingly all the agency of a doll, accepts this explanation and opens a book handed to her. The title: Hanasaka Jiisan. As she opens the dilapidated illustrated book with its pages riddled with worm-eaten holes, the pages glow brightly and whisk the girl and boy away to a fairy tale realm...

          Source: Press release

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